Maintenance Instructions:

1. ForSaga guitar wood materials, the optimum humidity is between 45-60%, thetemperature at 20-30℃. Avoid leaving the guitar in direct sunlight. If the airis too humid, you can put some desiccant inside the box; if the weather in yourlocation is arid, use a humidifier or put a pot of water near the guitar toincrease the humidity. When not in use, the guitar can be placed in thecardboard box or other case to reduce the effects of outside air;

2.Whennot in use, the guitar should be put away or placed on a guitar stand to avoidcontact with the ground, so as to avoid an accident or damage to the guitar;

3.When the guitar has been used for a long time or exposed to air for a longtime, the body can easily accumulate a layer of dust or dirt. Many people donot pay much attention to this, but it has a great influence on instrument’splaying experience. Therefore, there is a need to develop a good habit of cleaningthe guitar regularly;

4.The maintenance of the neck of the guitar is also very important. While playingthe player’s hand easily sweat and stick to the neck. Sweat has a corrosiveeffect on wood, so it is best to care for the neck by applying oil regularly onthe fingerboard, which will prevent the fingerboard from dry cracking;  

5.When the guitar will not be used for an extended period of time, the stringscan be loosened about two steps to reduce the tension of the strings effect onthe guitar body.

The following are not covered in the scope of thewarranty:

1.If the serial number of the guitar has changed, or the agent is not authorizedby Saga; and if any individual is unauthorized to install parts to repair theguitar;

2.Any improper maintenance, such as corrosion damage under high temperature andthe effects of chemicals. Any scratches, bumps, cracks caused by the buyer arenot within the scope of warranty;

3.Wood cracking, deformation, degumming and other problems due to improperpreservation;

4.Damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters (such as anearthquake, fire, flood) and improper transportation or storage.

5.Guitar bags, batteries, strings, and other related accessories and products;

6.Metal parts such as string tuners, strings and other metal parts that are rustyor overused to cause the loss of metallic luster or damage;

7.Counterfeit products purchased and the products purchased from outside theChinese mainland are not in the scope of the warranty;

8.The final interpretation and modification of the warranty clause is owned bythe Saga Instruments Limited Company.

Service Description:

Theguitars are made very professionally. Only details given by telephone or photosof possible defects are not complete enough to make accurate judgments, so wedo not provide the user direct customer service, but delegate this to the localmerchant’s customer service to oversee and handle complaints.

Ifusers need after-sales service, they need to communicate with the merchant whoprovided the products, and then the merchant will provide our relatedafter-sales services.

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