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Our company was founded by Jamson Tim, who created Saga in response to the lack of affordable quality guitars. As a teenager he actually gave up on learning the guitar because of its poor quality. Here is his "saga".

As early as primary school, Jamson admired those who could play the guitar. In his early teens, Jamson scraped together just enough money to buy a guitar and lesson book, and began to teach himself guitar. Unfortunately, the guitar was poorly made -- the strings were high off the fretboard and hard to press down. Even after practising for nearly a year he struggled with many chords, and the sound was distorted and unclear. All of his efforts to learn the guitar only resulted in frustration, disappointment, and failure. He gave up.

Soon afterward, while at a friend's house, he noticed a guitar and couldn't resist trying it. To his amazement, this guitar almost played by itself and had a beautiful tone. He then realized that his first guitar was to blame for his failure, because of its poor design and craftsmanship. Then he began thinking that poor-quality guitars must be holding back many other would-be guitarists.

So he began studying guitars to find out what made a great guitar 'great'. While in college, Jamson developed some contacts among guitar manufacturers and began to sell a few guitars. After college, he opened his own retail store, and his sales continued to increase. But he noticed that manufacturers began to sacrifice quality for profits. Since he refused to compromise on the quality of product that he sold to his customers, he had some hard decisions to make.

Jamson resolved to start making guitars himself -- that would give him complete control over quality. It wasn't easy. There were disappointments, setbacks, and many stressful days and sleepless nights. It seemed that the easiest path to staying solvent was to cut quality, but this was not an option. Jamson persevered and finally the factory turned the corner and has never looked back.

Today, Saga makes a complete range of "quality" guitars for everyone, from beginners to professionals. Working with designers and craftsmen from around the world, Saga now offers some of the finest guitars available. Saga guitars, people, and processes are continually upgraded and compared to the highest international standards -- from wood selection and drying, to the smallest production detail. Saga research and development department is continually testing new designs and materials, to meet the needs and expectations of our most demanding customers.

What's in the future for Saga? Well, our customers are so pleased with our product, we can't keep up with the demand. So we are moving into our newest factory which, when fully operational, will comprise the area of 23 football fields of indoor, state-of-the art, production space dedicated to acoustic guitar. 


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Saga is following its heart returning to its original simplicity and sticking to using ingenuity to create a different kind of miracle.

Joe Wilson


Dawson Jones

Guitar teacher

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